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Rock The Post is a crowdfunding site oriented to fund small businesses and entrepreneurs. Visit today!


kyle bretz says:

Look for BeeperBuddy on rockethub.? We will need your help since we dont have much of a network following. Look it up and tell me what u think

MotherlandFund says:

Nice? video presentation

maurizio imparato says:

so? nice!

Walter C says:

NEED CROWDFUNDING EXPERTS FOR HIRE NOW get in on this wonderful project now; this is commission based, with 10K? pay to you goal; hear great details by contacting me at: Skype: eco.friend1 , Google Talk:; Email:

tollesfrau says:

gofundme. com/3enyb8?

David Penn says:

Hey?? we happen to have a product video on INDIEGOGO for our project. Feel free to watch? and give back any feedback. Just search Youtube for PRESS CLEANSER VIDEO or search INDIEGOGO for:The Press? Cleanser

B. K. Hutterer says:

Go to an actual site for crowd funding as opposed to scamming this.?

justcrowdfunding says:

Help me raise funds at gofundme(dot)com/gofundme.?

GoodDayCrowdfunding says:

We can give you step-by-step guidance from experts who have experienced the thrills and challenges of crowdfunding. And on a small budget. ? Check us out at Indiegogo’s Good Day Crowdfunding campaign.

GoodDayCrowdfunding says:

Leon, check us? out on Indiegogo’s Good Day Crowdfunding campaign. Our goal to help people be successful crowdfunding. There’s lots to it. We can help and at a small budget.

Leon Slapak says:

Hey guys, lately I started my own funding action for my? journey, volunteering and Nepalese children. Unfortunately it isn’t really going as I wanted it to go. So I would really appreciate it of you would support me by sharing and sponsoring my page! If you visit my channel there’s a short introduction video with the link that makes you able to become a part of this. Thanks!

Mr.CashCall says:

Im a crowd buyer, anyone want? to sell me something?

DoctorMason says:

It obviously? took planning to craft this video.

CheezSalad says:

Please help? this young teen start his own business selling boats. All he needs is the money for the 1st boat… please donate here:

Mark Nowotarski says:

Excellent overview of the basics. For inventors, see the video “Crowdfunding Your Invention” for specific tips on? Kickstarter.

ThaGreenStuff says:


Maximillioneddy2011 says:

Join Crowdfunding as investor here goo. gl / GFYrR (remove the space)
earn from your investment with project u r interested. Register today and? start investing.

rebuildingsociety says:

nice video guys, well done, crowdfunding is? the way forward!

Christophe Langlois says:

Thank? you for publishing this excellent video in plain English about crowdfunding.

FYI, I’ve embedded it on my blog post ‘Top 30 Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow [Curation]’ on VisibleBanking[.]com.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

Johnie Tidwell says:

Great presentation!?

LOTRlove10 says:

If you are? a college / university student interested in having a say in whether or not Ontario legalizes crowdfuning, you should search this page on facebook, Its pretty legit: Ontario Economic Development? Society

Investzars says:

Stock? Ticker OODHA is building 5 Equity Crowdfunding portals.

Investzars says:


Alejandro Cremades says:

Great video tutorial. Thumbs? up

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